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​We deliver a range of digital products and services to companies, schools and government organisations. Ask us for our list of reference sites or follow our social media links!

We work with the leading IT vendors.

Digital Signage Solutions

Do you need to send different messages to different audiences?

Abacus offers the best digital multi-screen signage solutions from the leading providers that will suit you budget. We undertake site audits to ensure that you have the right solution in place to deliver your intended messages.

Thin Client Solutions

Do you want to save money on IT equipment, minimise breakdowns and reduce IT call-outs?

Minimise your IT spend and maintain your organisational security with the leading thin client solutions.

WiFi Networking

Do you want a WiFi network that works? D​o you have offices or schools in multiple physical locations with staff (sometimes with their own devices) that move from centre to centre and need automatic connectivity?

We design​ WiFi networks that work. Your staff can move from one site to another and are guaranteed a connection with any device (phone, iPad, laptop and/or tablet).

Contact us now to arrange a site survey of your offices or school.

We work with global Learning Providers.

Do you want quality educational content or a learning management system?

We work with the most important global content providers and deploy state of the art learning management systems

We run social media campaigns.

We publish educational content.

We deliver quality ESL training.

If you have a requirement for a learning management system, multi-lingual social media campaign management​ or quality educational content, contact us now.